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Aiden's Cleft Repair

Date: 1/23/07
Status: We can repair him, we have the technology... **six million dollar man music here**

Everything went fine with the cleft repair. The doctors told us it would be around 2-3 hours of op-time but it actually took around 5 hours. We were not really surprised by this. The surgeons were nice enough to call us half way through the operation to let us know that everything was going fine but due to the size of the cleft it was going to take more time than expected. The surgery started at 11:30 and finished at 4:30. Aiden has been handling things as good as he can. He came out of the operating room half asleep and laid still for quite a while. He snored for the first time ever (one of the benefits of not having a palate), Jill and I were practically in tears. Now he can take Snore-Stop like the rest of us.

Aiden quickly awakened when they began to move his crib up to the overnight rooms. He stood up and started screaming, Jill had to carry him all the way up. After that it was pretty much a long scream session until they got his pain medication flowing. Aiden has the lung capacity of a nuclear submarine and can scream already but this was screaming like I had never heard. It was very unnerving. Fortunately he responded well to the medication and television, but poor Jill was forced to watch the wiggles over, and over, and over like a thousand million times last night. I think she is going to need psycotherapy (not just from living with me). Not to mention the nurses coming in every few hours to take Aiden's vitals. Jill eventually told them to go away, I didn't witness this but experience tells me that they didn't come back.

Today Aiden is making an amazing recovery, he is walking around the house, playing with toys, and even starting to make new sounds that we have not heard yet. We deffinately have a stong boy on our hands. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts and prayers!

Photos Pre-op:

Photos Post-op:


The crib sprint champion

Aiden being lead away to the op-room

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