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1-19-2004 --
As Jill and I travel we will be posting information daily (hopefully) to the Journey to Faye page. Please check this page for updates on our travel.
1-2-2004 --
We have a travel date!
January 27th. 2004.
11-23-2003 --
After much heated debate the UN has decided on:
Faye Sibin Donnelly.
A chinese girl with an Irish name, yikes.

11-18-2003 --

We have pictures!
Referral cover letter
The UN (United Names) will now meet to debate the tedious task of naming our daughter.
In the running:
Jillian, Faye, Carissa, Carina, Kathleen, Janine, Hazel, Lillian, Paige (Just for starters).

11-17-2003 --

We have a referral!!!!!
Received a phone call from the agency at 11:30am

Her Chinese Name:
Feng, Sibin (fung, sea-bin)
City: Fengcheng
Province: Jianqxi
Height: 24.8" Weight: 13.67 lbs.

Unfortunately I received this news as I was on my way to Las Vegas for COMDEX 2003. More to come...

3-7-2003 --

Now the waiting begins. It is estimated that we have about another year to go.

Like Tom Petty said: "The waiting is the hardest part."

3-7-2003 --
Dossier Approved from the San Francisco Chinese Consulate. Dossier is ready to be handed over to CCAA (the organization that handles adoptions in China) in Beijing. We also have found out that there will be 4-5 other families traveling with us.
2-20-2003 --
Yes! We have finished all the required paperwork for the Dossier. It has all been handed over to the agency (ASIA). The agency will certify all personal documents and send for approval from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco.
1-20-2003 --

We Decide to join Club Sport and get in shape in preparation for bringing home our Daughter. (Yes, I am aware of how lame that sounds).
Adoption paperwork continues..

10-2002 --
We are given a packet describing all of the paperwork that will have to be done for the Dossier. It is slightly overwhelming.
9-2002 --
Our funding for the adoption has been approved. My ass belongs to the bank now (and my employer).
9-2002 --
We decided to leave PLAN and join ASIA. ASIA concentrates only on Chinese adoptions and is closer in locale to us.
Fall-2002 --
We decide to join PLAN for an overseas adoption in China.
Fall-2002 --
After a lot of research we decide that overseas adoption is what we want to do. At the moment China appears to be the most governed and safest overseas adoption process, to us.
Summer-2002 --
Considering adoption options, and attend a class on international and domestic adoption offered by PLAN.
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