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Photo gallery: Stupid Dog Photos

Dax on the Papasan

Stupid factor 10

This is Dax, our American Pit bull Terrier (yes, the breed that everyone is afraid of) don't make any sudden moves - you'll be licked to death.

Stupid factor 10

Just doesn't get any more stupid than this.

Stupid factor 10

Factor 10 not because of the dogs, because of the owners who were stupid enough to let dogs carve pumpkins.

Dax peering by the door

Stupid Factor 8

Dax has been known to stare at people, mirrors and other inanimate objects for long periods of time. I like to think she is pondering her existence, or perhaps contemplating the properties of dark matter.

Brian and Chan

Stupid Factor 5

This is Brian with Chan, yes another Pit bull, but this one has some Shar pei thrown into the mix. She is a wonderful dog but is in a constant state of acute paranoia and stubbornidis. This would be a stupid factor 10 but my presence cancels out about half of the stupidness.

Dax resting w/ Jill

Stupid factor 3

What nap would be complete without the Stupid Living Dog Blanket™. This picture would be a stupid factor 0 but Dax cancels out about 30% of Jill's unstupidness.

Stupid Factor 8

Never change the sheets around a stupid dog.

Stupid Factor 10

Stupid Dog + Stupid Toy = Stupid Dog Photo

Stupid Factor 6


Stupid Factor 10+

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Can anyone help us?


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